Game for the 'mental illness bitsy jam'- A game about anxiety, made using Bitsy by Adam le Doux but on the Bitsy Hd hack by VonBednar. Music by the wonderful June, please follow her soundcloud

To move use arrow keys or w a s d

Took around 4 days to make across a week and a half

This game is about being lost with period cramps, no fuel, no phone, no charger, no money and depending on strangers, and also about something else.

I basically made a bitsy imagining all my anxieties in one, please enjoy it!

IF YOU GET STUCK here is a video playthrough

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreVisual Novel
Made withBitsy
Tagsanxiety, Bitsy, bitsy-hd, bitsyhd, lost, opossum, possum, scary, Story Rich

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