Mother Goat is a game born of 3 popular myths, fairy-tales and legends. 

Set after the events of the wolf and the seven young goats (, you are the mother with her 3 youngest still in her home. On Christmas night, Buckriders/bokkenriders ( arrive to kidnap your children for new steads.  Sinterklaas ( hears your cries and offers his help, and then you begin your journey into Hell. 

A simple twine game of poetry and riddles, Mother Goat can be completed in 5 minutes for a short but engaging play. 

Mother Goat was created as a Christmas gift, as part of my girlfriends family tradition. We played it, and as you will see in game, completed some story elements in the real world (with real fire.) It was very fun, and I'm excited to share it. 

Thank you for reading and playing! 

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